Parent Library

Here Are a Number of Books We Have Available For You

The Science Behind the Genius by Angeline Stoll Lillard

Books by Paula Polk Lillard:
Montessori in the Classroom
Montessori Today
Montessori - A Modern Approach
Montessori and Your Child - A Primer for Parents by Terry Malloy
Montessori in Contemporary American Culture edited by Margaret Loeffle

Maria Montessori by Rita Kramer
Mammolina (a book for children) by Barbara O'Connor
Maria Montessori, Her Life and Work by E.M. Standing

Montessori Read and Write by Lynne Lawrence
The Essential Montessori by Elizabeth G. Hainstock
The Montessori Controversy by John Chattin-McNichols
The Tao of Montessori by Catherine McTamaney
Learning to Read is Child's Play by Maunz, Mathews and Klein
Nurturing the Spirit by Aline D. Wolf
The Montessori Revolution in Education by E.M. Standing

Books by Maria Montessori:
To Educate the Human Potential
The Discovery of the Child
The Montessori Method
The Absorbent Mind