"We love Missoula Valley Montessori! The teachers are very loving, caring and compassionate. They treat each child as an individual and encourage their uniqueness. We were thrilled to hear they focus on science in addition to reading, writing, math and arts and crafts. Our 4 year old daughter is becoming a well rounded individual. She is looking forward to summer camp and another exciting year this fall. We highly recommend Missoula Valley Montessori as an excellent school for young children."

Tana P.

"Two years ago, we moved back to Missoula and I was looking for a preschool for our two children. After visiting a half dozen schools in the area, I came upon MVM. It turned out to be the most fortunate day! Here were these amazing teachers, a curriculum with a tender but consistent and thoughtful approach, and a remarkable learning environment, all in one place. Both children settled in incredibly well and we will stay as long as we can; we chose it for kindergarten for our oldest. The clarity and speed at which children grasp reading, math and science, and even social graces, blew us away. My husband and I are forever grateful to this school."

Carlton S.

"Our son has attended Missoula Valley Montessori over the last few years and has absolutely thrived. He loves school and has made incredible strides in mathematics, reading, and social skills. He is performing complex math problems and expanding his spatial modeling skills while having a fantastic time! The teachers at Missoula Valley Montessori compassionate, knowledgeable, and all around incredible people. We can't thank them enough for all they have done for us and our family."

Shane F.

"We are so grateful to the excellent and well trained staff at Missoula Valley Montessori who have taken our child's education to a level we could not have imagined. Our son has become more independent, self sufficient, and confident. He is developing a concrete foundation in everything from math and reading to geography and cultural studies as well as self care and care of others. My husband and I have often felt that children are capable of so much more than we give them credit for and at MVM, the teachers are well aware of this and strive to ensure that every child is challenged in a gentle, caring way that enables them to grow and learn to their full potential. We are so thankful to have found such a great place to develop our children's education!!!"


"It is hard to put into words how exceptional the teachers are at Missoula Valley Montessori. They are loving, kind and respectful of each child's personal needs. Both of my children have attended Missoula Valley Montessori and have thrived both academically and socially. You will find the classrooms to be thoughtfully set-up and filled with beautiful, high-quality montessori materials. We feel deeply blessed to have found Missoula Valley Montessori!"

Dominick B.

"We looked at lots of schools in Missoula to find one where the emphasis is entirely on the children. From our first classroom visit, we could tell that Missoula Valley Montessori is that place. The children are focused and joyful in their discovery of the world around them, and the guidance by the teachers is so gentle as to appear effortless. It's almost as though the children learn by magic. Everyone in the school, teachers and children, is kind and respectful of one another. Our daughter has thrived, and is learning at a remarkable pace. I am grateful every day for MVM."


"My kids couldn't be happier and more comfortable!! The staff is amazing, loving and patient. I feel blessed to have my girls there."

Aspen A.

"My son has learned so much since he started attending Missoula Valley Montessori last year. He can write his name, add and subtract, count in Spanish and sing songs in Mandarin! I'm so glad we chose this preschool!"

Stephanie G.

"The kindest teachers. Such a wonderful and peaceful environment. Absolutely love it."

Courtney M.

"Amazing learning environment! Lovely teachers and aides."

Linh H.

We've been astounded and so very pleased with the experience our children have had at MVM. I never hesitated to leave my children in their care, knowing they are invested in not only their academic needs, but also social pragmatic growth. The environment is stimulating and fun with activities in and out of the classroom, exposing them to life skills and academic learning. The kiddos learn to work with peers, sometimes mentoring and building leadership skills, other times learning to listen and solve problems together. The foundation they've built is beyond what I could have hoped or provided for them myself. As an aside, not only did the kids have fun...we thoroughly enjoyed laughs with the wonderful teachers and became close to fellow parents. I'm so thankful we found MVM and cannot thank the teachers/staff enough. I would recommend Missoula Valley Montessori to anyone interested.

Kerrigan O

My daughter started here at age 3. She just finished the kindergarten program and her 3rd full year at MVM. We couldn't be happier with the choice of sending her here and how she blossomed. She is so smart and loves learning and we owe it all to Catherine and all the staff at MVM. I wish I would have sent our oldest daughter to MVM, but we will be sending our youngest as soon as he turns 2. We are so excited for him to have the wonderful experience and learning that our daughter had. We love MVM!!!

Lynette H.